小野田知華 / Tomoka ONODA




めいおんピアノ声楽演奏会、定期演奏会、卒業演奏会など数多くの演奏会に独奏者、伴奏者として出演。 卒業後には、第30回 岡崎新人演奏会、第17回 ちりゅうフレッシュコンサート、第42回読売中部新人演奏会に出演。
第23回大阪国際音楽コンクールピアノ部門 Age-G 入選。


現在は、日本人作曲家のピアノ曲を演奏した動画や、バレエ音楽をピアノにアレンジして演奏した動画をYouTubeにあげるなど、独自のスタイルで演奏活動中。 一方で、多くの方がピアノ演奏を楽しめるように、クラシック曲を、3つのレベルにアレンジした楽譜の製作もしている。

また、名古屋音楽大学 授業補助員として勤務するとともに、ピアノ教室を主宰し、後進の育成にも取り組んでいる。

Graduated from Nagoya College of Music, Department of Music, Music Therapy Course, and completed a master’s degree at the same university. While in the undergraduate program, she was recognized as a special student.
She has studied under Yuka Otake, Koki Shimizu, Sonoko Ishii, and Tomoko Nakagawa.

She also participated in the 49th Wiener Musikseminar with a tuition waiver, performed in the selected persons’ concert, and received a diploma. At the same seminar, she studied under Johannes Kropfitsch.
Selected for the 23rd Osaka International Music Competition, Piano Section, Age-G.

While in school, she served as an accompanist for the Nagoya College of Music Opera Study Group and also worked as a rehearsal pianist for a musical company and as a bridal performer.

Tomoka ONODA

Currently, she is performing in his own unique style, uploading videos on YouTube of her performing piano pieces by Japanese composers and ballet music arranged for the piano. On the other hand, she also produces sheet music of classical pieces arranged in three levels that many people can enjoy playing the piano.

She also works as a class assistant at the Nagoya College of Music and conducts piano lessons to train younger students.